Author: Chris Messina

Chris joined Integrate in February of 2015 and has been in and around digital and performance marketing for the better part of the past decade. Chris’ driving force the past several years has been understanding how new technologies can help simplify the lives of both marketers and consumers alike.

Can You Define “Predictive”? A Crash Course in Key Marketing Terms

By Chris Messina

March 31, 2016

First off, I want to provide perspective on my point of view around all things Predictive Marketing.

At Integrate, I head up data and technology partnerships, which means I’m out there all the time working directly with customers and prospects to understand ways Integrate can partner with other marketing technologies to provide a better solution. And in today’s B2B marketing landscape, to say that predictive comes up often would be a drastic understatement.

And while I can’t go five minutes without hearing “predictive,” it seems as if there’s no common definition of the term. This is a big concern among customers. And a common – or at least understood  definition is very much needed to assure internal stakeholders and external partners are on the same page.

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Affiliate Marketing 3.0: Customizable Ecosystems

By Chris Messina

May 28, 2015

Online affiliate marketing began with a promise: Leverage the massive reach of the internet while only spending in proportion to revenue achieved. Unfortunately, the promise hasn’t come to fruition.

Over the years, marketers have fallen victim to affiliate exchanges, ad technologies and publishing practices that weren’t created in brands’ best interests. But this doesn’t mean affiliate marketing doesn’t work – it can. But it requires marketers to regain control of their affiliate relationships and marketing processes by creating customized, transparent ecosystems.

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