Author: Matt Leap

Matt Leap is the Marketing and Business Development Manager at HiP. Closely involved in both the content marketing and customer development portions of the business, his primary responsibilities include strategic content development, branding, and promotion, as well as lead generation, onboarding, and nurturing. Additionally, he helps manage key marketing vendor relationships and industry research.

4 Traits of a Top-Notch Demand Gen Campaign

By Matt Leap

April 2, 2015

Marketers are walking a razor’s edge when it comes to demand generation.   For any given campaign, success requires effective execution on several fronts, while failure is only a key mistake away.  It explains why demand gen is an area where many companies struggle.  In fact, according to a study by IDG, 61% of B2B marketers reported to have problems in this area.  

As disheartening as this may seem, all is not lost.  Many companies can and do run consistently successful demand generation campaigns – and it’s not by accident.   In the last year, HiP has fulfilled more than 2,500 demand gen campaigns (both successful and unsuccessful).  As a result, we have a unique view into the art and science that makes up demand generation.  We can say with some certainty that a specific set of traits marks the most successful demand gen campaigns.

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A Segmented Approach to Measuring Content Marketing Success

By Matt Leap

August 13, 2014

Many companies struggle with measuring content marketing effectiveness. Unlike other marketing activities, there’s not a single set of definitive metrics. This is due largely in part to the variety of outcomes content marketing is expected to deliver.

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 benchmark report, B2B content marketers named their top goals as brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, and thought leadership, respectively. These top four goals were named by more than 65% of respondents.

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