Author: Ryan Maher

Ryan is Integrate's VP of Sales and GM, B2C Division, He has more than 14 years of digital marketing experience.

Why Sharing Is Caring About Media ROI

By Ryan Maher

June 25, 2015

We marketers are getting better at breaking down departmental silos and sharing standardized data within our organizations. Yet, we’re still failing miserably when it comes to sharing information with external media partners and lead vendors – often the primary sources of our sales pipeline. This isn’t smart marketing. We need to communicate with our media partners, providing the necessary information they need to do their best work and maximize media ROI.

You may have incredibly strong media relationships and supporting tech, but unless all parties share common definitions of success, more often than not, you’ll be disappointed with the results. Defining KPIs and communicating performance data with media partners drastically increases your odds of paid media success. 

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