Author: Scott Vaughan

Scott Vaughan is CMO of Integrate, a marketing technology software provider automating top-of-funnel marketing for B2B marketers to enable demand marketing orchestration. Scott leads the company's go-to-market and growth marketing strategy. He’s passionately focused on unlocking the potential of marketing, media, data and technology to drive business and customer value.

Integrated Marketing: Great for Sales Pipeline – And Your Career

By Scott Vaughan

February 16, 2016

Many marketers view inbound marketing as the end-all, be-all of demand generation, while others position outbound tactics  as the most important for acquiring new leads and fueling sales pipeline.

We marketers can easily become experts in one area, creating an unintended bias toward specific marketing channels simply because we’re comfortable working with those strategies.

By focusing too much on one strategy or channel, we’re missing out on the opportunity to deliver significantly better results for our company and our careers.

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Building a Demand Generation Machine

By Scott Vaughan

An interview with Lisa Hatheway, Senior Director Global Marketing & Demand Generation at Aerohive.

Quotable Takeaways:

“You need brand to create demand, period. The trick is the tactics you emphasize based on your market position, customer need and business cycle.”

“Create experiences to rise above the noise. It's the fastest way to differentiate.”

“Data is critical, but your odds of success increase dramatically when you add creativity and experience.”

Lisa Hatheway is the quintessential demand marketing leader – a data geek full of creative passion with a track record of making business happen. Currently Senior Director Global Marketing at Aerohive, she and her team are on a mission to build a “demand marketing machine.”

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Beyond Alignment: 4 Steps to Sales-Marketing Integration

By Scott Vaughan

January 28, 2016

The team at Integrate is in the midst of ramping up 2016 demand generation efforts like many organizations. While we've always been pretty well aligned with sales, this year we’re committing to moving from alignment (we have a defined set of processes, SLAs, definitions, regular pow-wows and such) to “integration.”

We have a few loosely defined ideas of what “sales-marketing integration” means, and we’re not sure if it’ll make a meaningful difference. However, it felt like we were ready to work smarter and closer to get better results for Integrate and for our demand marketing customers. 

This commitment prompted some homework and discussion with other marketing and sales leaders at respected organizations.

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7 Must-Have Traits of a Kick-Ass MarTech Stack

By Scott Vaughan

Marketing Technology is empowering brands to discover, engage, acquire and delight customers like never before. But, with so many tech options and customers’ needs continuously changing, nailing the right strategy and developing the MarTech stack to execute it is – in a word – tough.

I wish there were a silver bullet, but we all know one doesn’t exist in MarTech land. However, we can learn a great deal from the successes and scars of the many marketing pros who’ve already lived through these trials.

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Point of View Marketing: A New Way to Fuel Demand Generation Strategy

By Scott Vaughan

As marketers, we strive to differentiate our brands and products, to increase our relevancy and, ultimately, to make our customers’ “must have” list. No easy task in any market or community you serve.

One of the best techniques I’ve learned from working with many strong communicators and through lots of experimentation over time is what I call Point of View (POV) Marketing. Many pros, colleagues and a great deal of trial and error have helped shape my POV approach to demand generation.

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New Isn’t Always Better: A Case for Evaluating Existing MarTech First

By Scott Vaughan

Prep Tools for 2016 Planning

It’s 2016 marketing planning season. Time to strategically rethink your marketing initiatives and tech investments to meet next year’s business goals. This is a golden opportunity to look at your marketing technology roadmap and add new solutions to make you and your team better, faster.

While new can be awesome, many times what you have on hand may be good enough and even better if you focus on optimizing its application. 

This is not an anti-new, kick-ass technology – quite the contrary. Rather, what I see working is prioritizing your choices. If you can be creative with using the tools you have today AND make sure your new tools work with what you’ve got, you can invest in the right new, game-changing tech and processes.

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Connecting Front- & Back-End Marketing – What’s In It For You?

By Scott Vaughan

It sounds so obvious – if you connect marketing’s people, processes and systems, good things happen. And in fact, I’m inspired everyday by new examples of integration transforming marketing’s impact.

But while we all realize the importance of connecting systems and processes, there remains a very common rift between what’s known as “front-end” and “back-end” marketing.

Before we jump into the benefits of front- and back-end integration by specific role, let’s first define the concepts and identify the barriers so we can knock them down. 

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Building an Interactive MarTech Landscape from the Buyer’s Perspective

By Scott Vaughan

An Interview with Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, co-founder of Growthverse

Marketing Technology has become an important weapon in the quest to discover, engage and delight customers. While marketers try to sort through their needs and identify what and with whom to invest in, it seems like every week there’s a new landscape or “MarTech stack” produced by a vendor or industry pundit.  

I rather recently discovered something very refreshing, a new perspective on the landscape created by CMO Jascha Kaykas-Wolff and Kobie Fuller, Partner at Accel.  It’s called Growthverse, an interactive, living, breathing tool marketers can use to discover and sort through marketing technologies and the solutions providers that may be right for their organization. 

I had a chance to chat with Jascha last week about Growthverse and the current state and future of marketing technology. Here’s the scoop.

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The Future of MarTech: Opinions from 14 Practitioners

By Scott Vaughan

I participated in a MarTech “Tweet Jam” last week.  Basically, it was 14 Marketing Tech pros (full list/handles at bottom of this blog) bantering, debating and discussing the “convergence of MarTech” on Twitter in a real-time, online Q&A.

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7 Tips for Optimizing Account-Based Marketing

By Scott Vaughan

"Companies Don’t Buy, People Do”

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all the rage as organizations increasingly deploy strategies to focus on individual companies that are the best fit for their solutions and services. “Single-lead generation” –acquiring one contact at a time from various companies to create an opportunity – is no longer efficient or effective for many marketing orgs.  This is especially true in B2B markets where purchases often involve multiple decision-makers and require lengthy vetting processes.

Historically, this account-focused effort has been led by sales. Today, armed with modern tools and robust data to bring more intelligence to this effort, marketers need to:

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