[Infographic] Account-Based Marketing 2016: What You Need To Know

February 25, 2016

Account-based-marketing_2016_image.pngIn light of today’s #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow kickoff, we thought it timely to throw together an infographic that illustrates the importance and growing adoption of account-based marketing strategies (ABM). The graphic concludes with 8 quick, helpful steps on how to get started with your own ABM program.

If after making your way through the infographic, you’d like to take a deeper dive into ABM strategy development, be sure to check out the “Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program” workbook we recently created with Heinz Marketing.

And be sure to follow today’s roadshow via live tweets using the hashtag #FlipMyFunnel as well as the handles of Integrate CMO, Scott Vaughan (@ScottAVaughan), and Heinz Marketing President, Matt Heinz (@HeinzMarketing).


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By  David Crane

David Crane joined Integrate in September of 2011. David is an ardent student of marketing technology that borders on nerdy obsession. Fortunately, he uses this psychological abnormality to support the development and communication of solutions to customer-specific marketing-process inefficiencies.