Costly Mistakes Marketers And Media Pros Make

1/20/15 4:33 PM

by Triniti Burton

A little-known fact. Prior to Integrate, I spent three years in performance-based media sales. It was the most challenging role of my sixteen year sales career. Challenging enough that I was over-the-moon happy to leave sales and transition into its much more predictable counterpart—marketing.

Those three years though did instill in me a level of empathy for both the media company that I worked for and the marketing clients I served. Experiencing the “before” version of an industry barely touched by the marketing tech revolution allows me to more fully appreciate the available technologies today that support smarter marketing.

Not to say that mistakes don’t still happen or that we aren’t still in a learning curve. However, eight years ago there were a lot more “not so smart” media and marketing mistakes. For example…

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Not Understanding the Martech Landscape Can Hurt Your Career

1/15/15 9:01 AM

by David Crane

If you’re reading this, chances are you know that released its annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic on Monday. As always, Scott Brinker outdid himself, but I’ll limit my compliments since by now he’s likely suffocating beneath rightfully deserved praise. Suffice it to say, the research that went into the supergraphic was undoubtedly a formidable undertaking.

And you – the marketing professional – should take full advantage of his NEARLY selfless labor. (He did, after all, include his company, ion interactive in not one, but two categories! Such an opportunist.) Despite the volume of discussions that pervades the industry about the ways marketing tech proliferation is giving rise to the new, specialized “marketing technologist” role, we must not use this as an excuse to shun our own technology education and simply leave it to the specialists.

These days, all marketers must become part marketing technologist, regardless of your title or job description. Failing to evolve with marketing’s tech revolution will hinder your own career advancement. And this responsibility to progress your personal edification goes beyond tech specific to your job duties – you must familiarize yourself with systems and software used by practitioners throughout marketing in general. Below are just a few reasons why understanding the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic is vital to your career:

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8 Marketing Phrases We Love To Overuse

1/13/15 9:26 AM

by Scott Vaughan

Like our marketing peers representing companies from across the land, the Integrate marketing team has been knee deep thinking through strategies and tactics for 2015. These brainstorming sessions have provided many ideas resulting from a review our 2014 marketing hits, misses and “I’m not sure what happened” moments. 

The more we got into our review, I caught myself (and others) repeatedly using tired buzzwords and phrases – basically, a lot of words that only make sense to a few insiders. Isn’t marketing supposed to be the truth well told? Aren’t we marketers supposed to make things easier to understand? 

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Media Integration Without Data Governance: A Bad Idea

1/8/15 10:17 PM

by Ben Henson

Reading through scores of 2015 B2B Marketing predictions, there are a few consistent themes.  Programmatic buying is now officially the accepted practice.  Predictive analytics companies like 6Sense, Prelytix and Lattice Engines continue to bring their intelligence to the mainstream.  And lead-generating media companies are increasingly dangling their ability to directly inject prospect data into client marketing tech stacks (marketing automation and CRM systems) as a valuable new option.  I find this last theme particularly important, and in many ways dangerous if not properly executed.

You’re likely thinking: If a media company offers to free my time and resources by automating lead delivery into my nurture tracks, why shouldn’t I dive in head first?  What could go wrong?

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TIBCO Breathes New Life Into Demand Gen [Customer Story]

1/6/15 7:06 PM

by David Crane

Conversations with customers are one of the most rewarding parts of my job – I always come away with new, insightful information. That’s not to say that feedback is always good news; there have been plenty of times that customer-provided constructive criticism has fallen on me like a grand piano, but even that’s useful because it provides new challenges on which to focus my efforts.

What’s even better, however, is when you come away from customer talks with new knowledge about how your product provided solutions you didn’t even know it was capable of. Information is always a good thing, but accolades for a newly discovered strength is an awesome thing. The latter is what we gained from a recent discussion with Kenan Frager, TIBCO’s head of advertising for worldwide demand generation.

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Creating A MarTech Blueprint [From The Archives]

12/23/14 9:14 AM

by Kyle Gale

[Originally published Februrary 20, 2014]

As Integrate CMO, Scott Vaughan, pointed out this week in a timely AdExchanger article:

There is a growing effort to merge anonymous third-party data (e.g. cookies) with identified/known customer data (e.g. email, job title) to engage audiences with customized, relevant messaging, and attribute sales performance to specific marketing experiences. To do this, CMOs are investing heavily both in their marketing tech stack and the ad tech solutions that fill the gaps and expand capabilities.

He goes on to exhort CMOs to create a marketing technology blueprint in order to:

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A Few (Completely Subjective) 2014 Demand Gen Learnings

12/18/14 10:12 AM

by David Crane

Rather than add to the annual deluge of upcoming-year predictions, I thought it’d be more helpful, if only slightly, to go through a couple things I’ve learned this year while engaging with demand gen customers, marketing tech vendors and influencers. Hopefully, these learnings will help inform your own 2015 marketing predictions – or better yet, spark ideas for how to progress your marketing efforts in the coming year.

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6 Undervalued Demand Gen Data Points

12/16/14 6:08 AM

by Mary Wallace

Successful demand gen marketers know that lead quality is a key factor in their ability to engage prospects and activate buyers.  In a recent study by Marketing Profs, nearly 60% of marketers surveyed indicated quality is the single most critical aspect of the leads they generate.  One key indicator of lead quality is accuracy and completeness of data on the lead.

Both marketing and sales operational efficiency are directly impacted by lead data quality because high-quality leads are more likely to convert to customers. Diluting a marketing database with low-quality leads results in wasted time and ineffective communications. 

Lead accuracy needs to be managed proactively, whether leads are generated in house or by a third party.  Here are six data factors that will create a positive return on your investment in generated leads.

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Speed Is The Key to Improving Sales Relationships

12/11/14 6:08 AM

by Justin Eisner

If you Google “sales and marketing relationship,” phrases such as “love/hate,” “ending the war” and “sales turf war” all come up on the first page. Numerous articles discuss the turmoil of this on-again, off-again fling between these departments; however, many miss a key point that’s resulted in more inter-departmental love than an open bar at the company Christmas party.

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7 Prospect Targeting Tactics And Why They Work

12/9/14 5:06 AM

by Maureen Beattie

In marketing’s old world (pre-2013), e-mail campaigns went to large lists that were developed to be as inclusive as possible. Low response rates were grudgingly accepted, with individual e-mails producing at most a few quality leads. For those whose names were in a B2B marketer’s database, that was a sure ticket to getting every message and offer, whether it addressed their needs or not.

Thankfully, the more-is-better, spray-and-pray mindset is fast approaching obsolescence as marketers recognize less (volume) yields more (quality), for their brands and the prospects they target.

In modern marketing (and specifically demand gen), campaigns benefit from prospect targeting by one or more criteria, individually or on a mix-and-match basis, to reach the right individual or company with the right offer.

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