Iron Mountain’s Story of Marketing Innovation Is No Exaggeration

By David Crane

I use terms like “forward-thinking” and “innovative” a lot. And I’ll admit, it’s sometimes hyperbole (after all, if I weren’t hyperbolic from time to time, I’m pretty sure I’d be booted from this particular profession).

Though in the case of Iron Mountain, I can confidently say that its marketing team is very forward-thinking…even innovative. Take a quick look at its marketing technology stack and you’ll agree.

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Point of View Marketing: A New Way to Fuel Demand Generation Strategy

By Scott Vaughan

As marketers, we strive to differentiate our brands and products, to increase our relevancy and, ultimately, to make our customers’ “must have” list. No easy task in any market or community you serve.

One of the best techniques I’ve learned from working with many strong communicators and through lots of experimentation over time is what I call Point of View (POV) Marketing. Many pros, colleagues and a great deal of trial and error have helped shape my POV approach to demand generation.

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MarTech Insights from SiriusDecisions and #SDTechX

By Tom Kahana

Words can’t describe how excited I was when I heard that SiriusDecisions was having a tradeshow dedicated solely to marketing technology. As someone who lives and breathes this space and is huge fan of the work that Sirius does, it was like the perfect match of MarTech geeks converging in one location to talk technologies, process, data and analytics.

So I embarked on my cross-country journey to lovely San Francisco to attend #SDTechX with two real priorities in mind.

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15 Account-Based Marketing Stats To Convince The ABM Skeptics

By David Crane

Everyone likes stats. This is especially true for marketers as our chosen (or accidental) profession becomes more science and a little less art. So, for all you account-based-marketing skeptics who need a bit more convincing, here’s what the surveys are telling us.

92% of B2B marketers worldwide consider ABM “extremely” or “very” important to their overall marketing efforts. (SiriusDecisions)


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3 Simple Ways to Blend Outbound & Inbound Marketing Tactics

By Triniti Burton

As popular as inbound marketing has become, outbound is still a vital component to a strong marketing strategy and organizational growth. 74% of all B2B companies (and 71% of B2C) report increasing the number of contacts and leads as a top priority, according the 2015 State of Inbound Report.

But marketers know that inbound alone isn’t enough to reach rising customer acquisition and revenue goals. They have to turn to outbound channels to reach new audiences and fill their databases with more prospects.

Despite the fact that so many companies rely on outbound marketing tactics to meet mandates, inbound marketing techniques often deliver stronger ROI. This could mean that outbound simply isn’t as successful as its more organic counterpart. It’s more likely a natural consequence of the reality that most marketing teams still execute paid marketing campaigns within silos.

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3 Surprising MarTech Stats and How They Affect You

By David Crane

I came across a great report yesterday – the Walker Sands “State of Marketing Technology 2016: Understanding The New Martech Buyer Journey.”

The report comprises survey results from more than 300 marketers involved with marketing technology purchasing decisions. While most of the findings were expected – e.g., 51% of respondents think their companies need to invest in more tech – a few stats got me thinking…

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Demand Generation Issues You Should Fix Before Your Boss Finds Out

By Bodhi Short

Demand marketing gets more complicated by the day. In order to get everything done and still ensure great customer experiences in this always-on environment, we often find ourselves cutting corners.

But one shortcut can quickly grow into many, until our entire demand gen engine is compromised. Here’s a list of issues that may start off small, but can end up resulting in big problems down the road:

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New Isn’t Always Better: A Case for Evaluating Existing MarTech First

By Scott Vaughan

Prep Tools for 2016 Planning

It’s 2016 marketing planning season. Time to strategically rethink your marketing initiatives and tech investments to meet next year’s business goals. This is a golden opportunity to look at your marketing technology roadmap and add new solutions to make you and your team better, faster.

While new can be awesome, many times what you have on hand may be good enough and even better if you focus on optimizing its application. 

This is not an anti-new, kick-ass technology – quite the contrary. Rather, what I see working is prioritizing your choices. If you can be creative with using the tools you have today AND make sure your new tools work with what you’ve got, you can invest in the right new, game-changing tech and processes.

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Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program: A Workbook

By David Crane

In a blog posted earlier this month, I mentioned that we’d be releasing an account-based marketing workbook to guide marketers through the process of developing a full-fledged ABM program. Well, my procrastination has ended and that day has come…with three days to spare actually.

And the primary reason I was able to keep my October promise was because I didn’t complete this work alone. The workbook, titled “Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program: A Workbook for Success,” was a joint effort between Integrate and Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing.

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5 Questions with a Marketing Ops Geek

By David Crane

October 22, 2015

First of all, I don’t think Tom Kahana, Director of Marketing Operations at Imprivata, is a geek in any way. In fact, while very experienced, well-informed and enthusiastic about all things MarOps, he’s actually quite affable.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I’m far more of a geek than he...but he calls himself a marketing ops geek at the end of this interview, and I needed a catchy title. So there it is.

Tom has over 15 years of marketing experience in the technology space. And for the past six years, he’s been in the thick of marketing operations’ rapid evolution. Which is why I reached out to him, on numerous occasions, for expert insights – and that inevitably led to this interview and hopefully much more content to come.

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