Using Inbound and Outbound Marketing to Distribute Marketing Content

By David Crane

August 25, 2015

Following my recent blog on maximizing content marketing ROI through repurposing, I want to share recommendations for distributing marketing content – through inbound (social media, company blog) and outbound (email, paid media) channels – to increase audience reach and impact.

Any content distribution strategy should have two fundamental goals:

  1. Accurately target buyers and influencers to ensure you attract the right prospects
  2. Gain maximum visibility and engagement within your target audience

I’m going to briefly explain the importance of No. 1 and how to achieve it, then drill into ways to leverage various inbound and outbound channels to help more people find your content.

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Marketing Ops' Next Frontier [New eBook]

By David Crane

I’ve been working on this “Marketing Operations’ Next Frontier” ebook a while…probably too long if you ask some of my colleagues. And while it’s quite comprehensive and covers several topics, it’s not as complete as I originally envisioned.

But this is good news for all you “hopefully will-be” readers, because if I’d kept to my original plan, it would’ve amounted to about 60 pages. And nobody wants that.

Instead, this ebook is a concise 22 pages and will serve as the foundation for an in-progress Marketing Ops “playbook.” There will be many more marketing ops resources to come in the following months.

Here’s a snapshot of which Marketing Operations Playbook works on the horizon:

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Keeping Up With Marketing Tech: Interview With LeanData CMO

By David Crane

I recently had a chance to speak with Adam New-Waterson, CMO at LeanData, a marketing tech company creating some really innovative account-based marketing (and sales) solutions.

One of several notable panelist at last week’s Flip My Funnel conference (read a good recap here), Adam’s insightful comments specific to ABM led me to open a dialogue with him about wider marketing-industry challenges. …and, of course, I always like to talk marketing with others who had very unusual paths to careers in marketing.

David: Can you tell us a little about your background and journey to CMO of LeanData?

Adam New-Waterson: I probably have an unconventional background for someone who is the chief marketing officer at a technology company.

I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography from Georgia State University. I never even took a marketing class in college. But I fell into a graphic designer position at a public relations firm in my hometown of Atlanta. And while I didn’t think of it this way at the time, that was my first marketing experience because the job included making restaurant coupons, advertisements and sending out blast emails to attract attention for our clients.

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3 Practical Ways Buyer Personas Can Increase Customer Engagement

By Triniti Burton

A couple months ago we kicked off our website redesign by taking a deep dive into our customer personas. We started this work last year and had some fairly defined personas in place, but a good marketing strategy is ever-evolving. There were a year’s worth of insights and customer feedback that needed to be infused into our customer profiles.

And then we needed to figure out how to make those personas actionable.

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3 Must-Read Account-Based Marketing eBooks Reviewed

By David Crane

As Scott Vaughan stated in his blog post last week, “Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all the rage as organizations increasingly deploy strategies to focus on individual companies that are the best fit for their solutions and services.”

With this and next week’s #FlipMyFunnel Conference is mind, I thought it would be helpful to briefly review three eBooks published by technology vendors leading the account-based marketing space.

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Thought Leadership vs. Educational Blog Content: Which is Best?

By Ryan Scott

August 4, 2015

Creating content is the single, most powerful tool in the marketer's toolbox. Invest in content one time, and if done well, you will reap the rewards of that content for years to come. But I've noticed a lot of companies wrestling with what kind of content to create. Most of them make a big mistake in the type of content they craft.

After having this conversation multiple times, I thought I would write an article on it. The choice in question is: thought leadership vs. educational content. Now, there is some overlap on this - thought leadership content can be educational. However, as a general rule there is a pretty wide gap between the two.

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The Closed-Loop Marketing Era [White Paper]

By David Crane

Marketers annually invest billions of dollars in both marketing technology and media in an attempt to more effectively discover and converse with customers, but this attempt is drastically hindered.

Why? Because marketers aren’t leveraging the data garnered from marketing technology (marketing automation, customer relationship management and data management systems) to its full potential.

Actionable customer insights are stymied by disconnected marketing systems and hindered even more by rift between marketing and media investment.

At a time when making lasting impressions with targeted personas gets tougher by the day, marketers strive to ensure they’re generating maximal efficiency and performance visibility.

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7 Tips for Optimizing Account-Based Marketing

By Scott Vaughan

"Companies Don’t Buy, People Do”

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all the rage as organizations increasingly deploy strategies to focus on individual companies that are the best fit for their solutions and services. “Single-lead generation” –acquiring one contact at a time from various companies to create an opportunity – is no longer efficient or effective for many marketing orgs.  This is especially true in B2B markets where purchases often involve multiple decision-makers and require lengthy vetting processes.

Historically, this account-focused effort has been led by sales. Today, armed with modern tools and robust data to bring more intelligence to this effort, marketers need to:

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Optimize Your Customer Experience with Standardized Data

By Mary Wallace

July 28, 2015

Are you delivering the optimal customer experience? As Scott Vaughan notes in one of his recent blogs, it’s a topic of utmost importance to CMOs

Delivering an award-winning customer experience requires a holistic effort that transcends marketing – it involves the entire organization. Customers need consistent, accurate and targeted communication across the entire purchasing lifecycle.

Marketing often holds a significant amount of data on every customer or prospect in the pipeline. But to consistently deliver an authentic brand experience, every customer-facing role must have access to that data – from marketing to sales to customer success teams.

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Closed-Loop Marketing: Where Demand Gen Is Falling Short

By David Crane

Marketers today are constantly hustling to ensure prospective and existing customers get the info they need when they need it. This is incredibly difficult if customer-facing roles (demand generation, brand management, product marketing, etc.) can’t access the performance data (often enabled by marketing ops) that highlights specific persona needs.

Herein lies the value of a closed marketing loop – it shows marketers:

  • which marketing content is resonating with personas
  • through which channels your personas are most likely to engage
  • which media sources have audiences matching your personas
  • the combination of demand generation tactics that provides maximal ROI
  • where to allocate media and content marketing budget 
  • which demand generation efforts are failing and which are succeeding

…the list of benefits is extensive. But most marketing organizations are falling short due to operational roadblocks that prevent data from being shared between various marketing roles and the media partners that need it.

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