Generate Leads Effectively + Accelerate Sales Pipeline [Infographic]

10/1/14 8:44 AM

by Triniti Burton

Regardless of how much marketing has changed, today’s ultimate business goal remains the same: acquire new customers. The key difference is that marketers are now directly responsible for contributing to that goal. They’re no longer simply influencers creating feel-good messages to promote brand identification (though those types of marketers still serve a purpose). Modern marketers must discover new prospects, fill sales pipeline and drive revenue.

And although CMOs and Marketing Ops are investing in marketing technology and systems to use prospect data in creative new ways and nurture potential customers along the buyer’s journey, the marketers who are responsible for acquiring prospect data in the first place are still relying largely on inefficient manual processes to get that data.

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You’ve Invested in MarTech, Now What?

9/30/14 6:14 AM

by Maureen Beattie

Integrate has published several recent posts on the topic of selecting the right marketing technology for your team:

But making the monetary investment is only half the battle. After you have your new solution in place, you must make another investment in time and energy if you want to reap its full value.

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4 Questions with a Marketing Ops Pro

9/24/14 5:47 PM

by David Crane

We’re constantly on the lookout for new industry influencers and practitioners to interview, and one name that kept popping up among my colleagues was Alexa Bleecker, Trusteer WW Demand Generation and Digital Marketing. Unlike most other Marketing Operations practitioners, Alexa started in an Ops role. She didn’t migrate as it grew into its own discipline (that is to say, she didn’t carry over any bad pre-digital habits like the rest of us). And this gives her a distinct perspective on the role’s evolving challenges and opportunities.

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The Great Schism: Marketing Ops Analytics and Customer Data

9/22/14 9:25 PM

by Kyle Gale

A recent study shows that organizations measuring marketing ROI are 17 times more likely to see the same or greater ROI over the previous year.[1] Yet there remains a resounding echo among many organizations that state an inability to pull the requisite data for such measurement. In fact, only 53% of the 3,500 survey respondents claimed to measure ROI. This is largely a result of an inability to tie systems together.

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5 Tactics to Increase Your Marketing Automation ROI

9/17/14 5:26 PM

by David Crane

The implementation of a new marketing automation platform comes with numerous challenges, but the biggest hurdle that marketers typically face is evolving their processes, strategies and overall mindset in ways that complement their technology investment. 

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Choosing MarTech is like Selecting the Right Wine

9/16/14 8:23 PM

by Corey Ganzman

Marketing technology, aka MarTech, is all the rage, the new black, and the must-have resource in marketing shops around the globe. I get it. Call this a rant, but really it's a personal quest for me as a marketing professional to change this “tech-first” mindset.  

My respectful request to my peers and colleagues — Stop leading with tech! 

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Make Your Marketing Data Actionable Or Go Home

9/11/14 5:43 AM

by Justin Eisner

Analytics that don’t result in actionable insights and are just charts, tables and maps. Data points that don’t elicit action are simply numbers. Successful marketers understand that the data they generate and the ways they convey that information need to result from logical, outcomes-based planning. This ensures that they’ll know what to measure, understand why they’re measuring it, and be able to reap maximal performance-boosting insights.

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2015 Budget Prep: Finding The Right Marketing Tech Providers

9/9/14 9:00 AM

by David Crane

For marketers, technology stack complexity grows daily. We’ve reached Rush drum-set status. Three years ago, most marketing teams could count their tech solutions on a hand or two. Now, most marketers are dealing with more tools than a Cowboys Stadium security guard.

Yet inefficiencies remain. And new solutions continually crop up to meet the demands of marketers striving to enhance their productivity and bolster their company’s bottom line. Navigating a sea of 1000+ MarTech solutions and finding the right marketing tech provider for you, however, isn’t easy. It helps to have a map…or at least rough sketch of landmarks to guide the way.

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Marketing Ops: Only the Analytical, Adaptable and Hungry Need Apply

9/3/14 7:00 PM

by David Crane

The digital era has provided marketers with the ability to measure and analyze the outcomes of their efforts. No longer a company’s “arts and crafts” team, marketing departments are leveraging metrics and systematic management techniques to generate real business value. Marketing Operations spearheads this focus on back-office data analysis, strategic planning, budgeting and the use of marketing technology to perform these duties. It has become marketing’s nerve center, controlling systems and processes to influence, measure, and manage all things marketing.

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Lessons From Our CMO

9/3/14 10:59 AM

by Triniti Burton

A year ago, Integrate received a gift that would forever change the face and heart of our company. We were blessed with the addition one of the most passionate martech leaders in modern marketing. Today, we’d like to take a moment’s break from the tech talk to pay tribute to our fearless CMO, Scott Vaughan and acknowledge the many lessons he’s imparted upon us over the last 365 days.

Here’s a short list of our biggest takeaways.

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