High-Potential Marketers Lead with Data

By Scott Vaughan

This is Part 4 of a 4-part blog series highlighting key skills to advance your marketing career.

Which of the following would you rather have on your LinkedIn profile: 

“My team developed content and messaging for a nurture campaign that won industry awards for the quality of writing because the voice and messaging resonated so well with the target persona.”

Or this:

“My team developed content and messaging for a nurture campaign that moved 16% of leads to sales-qualified status – and created 48 new customers, an increase of 33% over the previous year.”

The answer should be obvious to marketers who recognize the evolution of our profession to be data-driven and performance-centric.

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What Naps & Self-Driving Cars Mean for Marketing: Marketo Summit Day 1

By David Crane

April 15, 2015

Day 1 of Marketo Marketing Nation 2015 is in the books. Running the gamut from life lessons to industry insights, here are a few of the Summit's larger themes:

1. We all need to nap more

…Or at least this is what Arianna Huffington wants us to do; and I’m 100% fine with that. Her presentation was witty, charming, funny and, not to mention, quite convincing. Balancing wellness and focus to creatively and continually disrupt ourselves seemed to be the thesis of her keynote discussion. And it all made sense. She provided many salient points, such as the fact that multi-tasking doesn’t exist, but it's rather just task switching and that humans aren’t meant to be “on” 90% of the time. Continuously switching between focuses and overworking oneself – something our industry is known for – is counterproductive; it causes stress and “stress kills creativity.”

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What To Do At Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

By David Crane

April 13, 2015

Last week I reached out to a few marketing industry luminaries to get some feedback for a post I was writing on tips and insights for Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. I requested of each expert a short reply to one of three questions.

Of course, there were two overachievers – namely, Kaitlin Stich of BrightTALK and Cynthia Gumbert of CA Technologies – who apparently had far too much insight for just a quick one-sentence reply. They each instead provided me with thoughtful responses to all three questions. …responses that, if I had tried to work them into the original post, would’ve completely over-shadowed my own far less profound thoughts. I certainly couldn’t allow that. So, in an effort to protect my fragile ego, I decided to save their superior thoughts for a separate post:

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4 Sessions and 3 Tips for the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

By David Crane

April 9, 2015

Marketo’s annual summit is in a few short days, and as I was doing my pre-game prep to decide which sessions I want to attend, I noticed three are scheduled at the exact same time on Monday. Irritating as that is, I thought I’d explain the merit of each in case you find yourself in the same dilemma. Fortunately, the fourth session doesn’t conflict with the others – it’s simply a discussion I think anyone who’s involved in content marketing will want to attend.

At the end of post, I also include three tips on ways to make the most of your Marketing Nation Summit experience.

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Intro to Automated Demand Gen [eBook]

By Triniti Burton

If you’ve been paying attention to our content, you’ve likely noticed a lot of talk about automating demand gen. We recognize that this concept may be somewhat confusing as many marketers believe that their marketing automation systems (MAS) are already addressing the full spectrum of demand generation. But marketing automation really is only the starting point in our quest to leverage marketing technology to discover, engage and nurture prospects.

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4 Traits of a Top-Notch Demand Gen Campaign

By Matt Leap

April 2, 2015

Marketers are walking a razor’s edge when it comes to demand generation.   For any given campaign, success requires effective execution on several fronts, while failure is only a key mistake away.  It explains why demand gen is an area where many companies struggle.  In fact, according to a study by IDG, 61% of B2B marketers reported to have problems in this area.  

As disheartening as this may seem, all is not lost.  Many companies can and do run consistently successful demand generation campaigns – and it’s not by accident.   In the last year, HiP has fulfilled more than 2,500 demand gen campaigns (both successful and unsuccessful).  As a result, we have a unique view into the art and science that makes up demand generation.  We can say with some certainty that a specific set of traits marks the most successful demand gen campaigns.

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An Eloqua App Demand Gen AND Marketing Ops Can Agree On

By David Crane

So, we’re releasing a new Integrate app today for Oracle Eloqua users.

Now, I typically wouldn’t make a big deal out of this – after all, apps in this space (or any space for that matter) are a dime a thousand – but this app is pretty awesome. And anyone who knows me is fully aware of my distain for hyperbole.

Why so awesome?

Simply put, because it makes closing the loop (numerous loops, actually) on your third-party demand generation programs as easy as dragging an icon into place on your Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

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[Infographic] Third-Party Demand Gen Plays

By David Crane

March 27, 2015
With March Madness Sweet Sixteen games underway, we thought this would be a perfect time to exploit our target personas’ collegiate sports enthusiasm.

The new Integrate infographic uses thinly veiled, yet hopefully informational basketball metaphors to illustrate the benefits of automating third-party demand gen efforts.  


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Getting the Most Out of Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2015

By Mary Wallace

Modern Marketers are the new breed of pros hell-bent on mastering the art and science of marketing. These are the marketers that have jumped in with both feet embodying the Internet-inspired revolution of the customer being in the driver’s seat; they have committed to becoming marketing technology experts. At the core, they:

  • Are data-driven

  • Understand with specificity the components of their marketing mix that are driving meaningful interactions along specific stages of the customer journey

  • Customize messages to a highly targeted audience, across multiple devices and channels, over a specific period of time

These are the marketers set to converge in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 2 at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience 2015 (#MME2015).  And, it is not by chance that the term “modern marketer” was popularized by the Eloqua team (now part of Oracle).

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Can Marketing Be a True Revenue Forecasting Machine? [Interview]

By David Crane

I had a great conversation the other week with Justin Gray, CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist of LeadMD – a marketing consulting firm that helps Marketo and Salesforce customers increase the effectiveness of their tech investments and marketing operations.

This conversation led to a topic that I find very interesting, but seldom gets much attention: The extent to which marketing can be an actual revenue forecasting entity. Sure, we all glibly talk like it can and will, but it still seems a long way off and few people are discussing the specific challenges impeding this goal. But we’ll never conquer these obstacles unless we fully understand them. Justin clearly had no problem talking about the challenges to marketing’s quest to become a revenue forecaster, so I invited him to share his perspective in an interview.

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