Building Quality Customer Engagements With Standardized Data

11/13/14 5:06 AM

by Mary Wallace

Marketers are inundated with data. From lead files, to web traffic reports to marketing automation data, marketers can’t – and shouldn’t - get away from it. Data provides the basis for optimizing marketing performance. In fact, data elevates marketing to the role of trusted business partner with sales, according to Pete Koliopoulos, VP of Marketing for Arrow Electronics, who spoke at this year’s Sirius Decisions Summit.

The problem is that data from diverse sources lives in different systems and formats, making it difficult to gain a consistent view and take action. Koliopoulos said data strategy often isn’t given adequate priority in enterprises because business executives overlook the impact that data has on sales and marketing productivity. How can we possibly still be failing to see the full impact data has on our business?

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Inside The Mind Of A GE Marketing Ops Executive

11/11/14 5:07 AM

by David Crane

When it comes to enterprises with a complex range of marketing needs and seemingly overwhelming goals, few stack up to GE. That’s why we were very excited to have the opportunity to interview Ramiro Ramon, General Manager of Marketing Strategy & Operations for GE Healthcare. Over the last two decades, Ramiro has focused on generating innovative strategies and customer-centric business models that have maximized revenue, market share and profits for both GE and Johnson & Johnson. Moreover, he serves on the Editorial Advisory Board and is a writing contributor for PM360 – the premier magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

We spoke with Ramiro about his take on the ways marketing technology is both influencing and being influenced by the marketing’s transformation. We also delved into the mindset, strategies and characteristics needed to be a great marketing ops leader in this evolving tech-focused landscape.  

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Marketing Ops Hashes It Out via #MarTechChat [TweetChat Session]

11/6/14 6:03 AM

by Scott Vaughan

Marketing Operations has become marketing’s nerve center, overseeing the convergence of marketing and technology to streamline processes, measure and analyze initiatives, optimize resources and provide strategic planning.

But this responsibility doesn’t end with marketing alone. Marketing Ops is increasingly charged with aligning marketing, sales and IT efforts. This means establishing expectations with external leadership and standardizing the use of data between cross-departmental technologies to continuously increase sales pipeline, conversion rates and lead velocity – an increasingly daunting assignment.

Join us on Twitter for a fast-paced, engaging discussion on the mission, purpose and role of Marketing Ops in a data and ROI-driven marketing world. This 30-minute TweetChat will feature leading Ops practitioners sharing their ideas, learnings and advice for marketing’s road ahead.

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Why Standardization Boosts Value Of Marketing Metrics

11/4/14 9:01 AM

by David Crane

A couple weeks back, Scott Vaughan’s post titled “Marketing Standardization: The Must Have for Marketers in 2015” exhorted the need for marketing orgs to standardize data, systems, measurements and expectations to free valuable resources that would be better used for other endeavors. While I wholeheartedly agree with his central thesis, I would take it a step further, at least with regard to standardizing measurement processes.

Standardizing measurement enables marketers to peform better. It allows them to:

  • More quickly compare the value of lead sources, assets, marketing tech systems, media investments, etc.
  • Do all this with greater accuracy to better inform decisions and make more effective optimizations.
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Integrate Third Party Data Or Get Left Behind [Webcast]

10/30/14 5:33 AM

by Triniti Burton

Marketers have more data at our fingertips than ever before. It’s coming at us from all angles. With our demand and lead generation efforts, we typically have dozens (or more) of third-party media partners and fulfillment sources generating leads or syndicating our content, sending us streams of prospect data. We even capture data from our webinars, events that we sponsor, or lists that we buy.

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Essential Guide To Integrated Marketing Systems [Whitepaper]

10/29/14 5:07 AM

by Triniti Burton

We recently released our newest whitepaper “Integrated Marketing Systems: The Essential Guide”. If you’re already sold on the value of integration and ready to put a plan into action, there’s no need to read the rest of this post. Just click the preceding link and get the whitepaper. It contains a simple three-step integration plan any marketing organization can follow to connect disparate marketing tech systems.

If however you’re still unsure whether there's value in connecting your marketing systems, let me share a few things we’ve learned through our efforts to understand the challenges facing marketers today and you can decide if integration is the right step for your marketing organization.

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What Can LinkedIn, SAP & Netflix Leaders Teach Us About Marketing Ops?

10/28/14 5:18 AM

by Scott Vaughan

Last week, I participated in the inaugral Marketing Ops and Technology Summit chaired by Gary Katz, Chairman and VP Strategy for Marketing Operations Partners. 60+ practicing executives bantered for two days on the present and future of marketing and tech operations (MOPs). While there were “speakers”, this interactive conference tapped into a seasoned group of practicing marketing and tech leaders. Collectively, this very experienced cadre included executives from powerhouse companies such as LinkedIn, SAP, Clorox, At Home, GoGo, and NetFlix. Since this was invite-only session, here are insights I pulled direct from these accomplished leaders.

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Marketing Standardization: The Must Have for Marketers in 2015

10/23/14 11:25 AM

by Scott Vaughan

Over the last 90 days, I’ve heard “standardization” at least 50 times in sessions with CMOs and marketing leaders as we discuss 2015 planning and budgeting. Standardization – how boring! This is marketing; aren’t we supposed to be creative? And charged with differentiating our brand, products and services?

Yes, we are. However, standardizing data, systems, processes, measurements and expectations frees up the time and resources needed for more creative initiatives. Think of it this way: How much time would you waste if you haphazardly switched between measuring your house in feet, yards and meters in your effort to determine how many gallons of paint you needed? A lot. Because you didn’t select a standard type of measurement or process for measuring. If you had, you probably could’ve automated calculations by inputting a standard data type into a paint volume calculator.

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From the MarTech Experts: Tips for Successful Change Management

10/22/14 7:36 AM

by David Crane

Managing change is the toughest part of any marketing transformation, especially regarding the adoption of new technology. This isn't new news. Yet, the pace of change only seems to be accelerating, and we marketers are prone to neglecting this critical element in our organizations.

Below are excerpts from hand-picked interviews that not only illustrate how important change management is to successfully guiding marketing’s transformation, but also provide insight on how to lead this change effectively. Among these approaches, standardizing goals, communicating needs across departments, and hiring the right people in the right roles seem to be agreed upon as vital efforts in any transformative environment. 

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You Can’t Drive Quality Leads With Inaccurate Data [Whitepaper]

10/16/14 7:00 AM

by Triniti Burton

I’m a little taken aback when I read statistics like the one from Sirius Decisions that 60% of B2B companies report an overall data health of “unreliable”.  But what surprises me more is how few marketing organizations appear to really understand the importance of their data quality.

Ascend2 recently released their Lead Generation Strategy Report which revealed a startling (to me at least) disconnect between how much weight marketing organizations are placing on lead quality and how little on data accuracy.

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