Integrating The Voice Of The Customer

Integrate Customer Voice

At last week’s Forrester Forum for Sales Enablement, many big themes around the customer emerged.  While not new, I was reminded of the critical importance and high impact of infusing the customer’s voice during each stage of engagement. I’m sure I sound like captain obvious, but I see marketers and sales pros run into the […]

The Challenges Media Companies Face in Today’s Digital World

Balancing act

The media world is rapidly shifting. Running a media company is more difficult than ever. As marketing customer needs change and audiences are inundated with content competing for their attention, media companies find themselves caught in the middle of a balancing act.

Media Partner Management: Automate and Integrate to Create More Customers

disconnected media partner management

Marketers are incredibly diligent about cultivating and honing prospect data once it’s inside their marketing systems, especially using lead nurturing and predictive lead scoring systems. However, they all seem to neglect inefficiencies and opportunities to improve the media investment process. Such neglect and lack of focus on media partner management has two primary consequences.

What Oracle-Blue Kai Acquisition Means for the Road Ahead – Big Data & Marketing

big data city

The news of the Oracle’s $400M acquisition of BlueKai this week made headlines for several reasons – continuing industry consolidation, acknowledgment of the power of prospect and customer data in the marketing process, big data meets marketing, Oracle’s march to dominate all things marketing cloud, and Larry Ellison shenanigans always make good headlines.  All viable […]

Today’s CMO #1: Simplifying the Chaos

Evolving Role of the CMO

The role of the CMO is changing, and fast. This is the launch of a series of posts and upcoming interviews with all types of today’s CMOs and marketing execs. This first post is an animated video we developed after interviewing CMOs about their pain points regarding media, marketing and technology, and the ways we at Integrate are focused on empowering their mission.

MarTech Success #3: Creating A MarTech Blueprint

Martech Blueprint

Creating a marketing tech blueprint is one of the most crucial step any marketing organization can take. Until marketers visualize the interactions between their processes and systems, they’re usually completely unaware of the deficiencies or opportunities that exists. This simple three-step process can help you map your martech blueprint and extract the insights you need to advance your marketing efforts to the next level.

Digital Fraud: How to Clean Up the Dirty Sandbox

Vivek Shah IAB Leadership Meeting

Last week’s Annual IAB Leadership Meeting opened with a subject that is near and dear to Integrate and all marketing and media pros—digital traffic fraud prevention. Traffic fraud has long been a hot topic, but is often dismissed as an inevitable drawback to digital advertising. Maureen Beattie discusses three steps you can take to help promote digital traffic quality and eliminate fraud.

MarTech Success #2: What’s Hindering Your Marketing Automation’s Effectiveness?


This is the second post in Integrate’s ongoing MarTech Success Series that marketers can reference to successfully implement and utilize marketing technology. David Crane discusses three major issues hindering marketing automation effectiveness as well as some possible solutions.

Integrating Marketing Tech and AdTech Enables Revenue Marketing

Bringing together advertising and marketing technology

I recently participated in REVTalks, a first-time event of about 400 revenue-driven marketers. I’ve hosted and participated in hundreds of events and the team at The Pedowitz Group put on something meaningful to shine a bright light on the present and future of marketing. If you haven’t received the memo, marketing today is all about […]

Making Outbound Marketing More Like Inbound Marketing

outbound vs inbound

No matter how sophisticated a marketing organization’s inbound marketing software may be, most marketing teams must still supplement inbound efforts via outsourced marketing programs to paid media partners. Sean Flynn discusses how important it is for these organizations to implement the same types of efficient and effective technology for their outbound marketing programs as they have for their inbound marketing programs.


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