Offline Data is the New Black

offline data

One of the things I love most about the marketing tech industry is its rapid evolution — new solutions create new opportunities, which result in innovation that circles back to new solutions. What’s more, I’m lucky enough to have a job that’s almost entirely focused on observing this evolution in order to benefit customers. During […]

3 Ways Data Fluidity Drives Results for Media Companies

Media companies need data fluidity

Data is becoming the lifeblood of media companies. The need for actionable data is a given for today’s marketers, but their media partners (publishers, affiliates, bloggers, etc.) have not fully embraced this new world. It’s time for media companies to take control. One of the most effective ways for media companies to advance their capabilities (and value to marketers) is to focus on data fluidity.

2015 Planning & Marketing Budget Prep: Start Now, Win Big

2015 marketing budget

We’re well into the second half of the year and focused on nailing 2014 goals. Believe it or not, it’s time to start planning and thinking about 2015 marketing planning and budgeting. The agile approach works well for program-based budgets, but not always for critical infrastructure and key hires you need to support and scale your marketing efforts.

Applied Integrations 101


There’s been a tremendous amount of talk about the importance of integrations lately. In fact, it was a key theme at Oracle Interact this year. Kevin Akeroyd, general manager of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, recently stated in a CMSWire blog post: “Unlike the past, when it’s been enough to go out and buy best-of-breed, I […]

Marketing Ops: It’s Time to Purify Your Data

data accuracy and cleanliness

Marketing organizations know that data is the key to unlocking marketing’s potential to drive maximum business value and create happy customers. Data-driven marketers are continually finding new ways to dissect and apply data in order to increase marketing performance. Yet, our ability to leverage data effectively in our marketing efforts is directly affected by the […]

Integrated Marketing Needs Integrated Systems

Marketing needs a new mantra

Marketing organizations are inundated with disconnected tools, technology and data. In order to effectively integrate our marketing, we must integrate our systems. Scott Vaughan gives marketers valuable checklist that will guide them on their path to integration.

Defeat Is A Roadmap To Success

Path to Success

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at MozCon and sharing with a couple thousand digital marketers a subject that is very important to me: failure. More importantly, how we can leverage failure to create personal, professional and marketing success.

Oracle Eloqua and Integrate Partner to Facilitate Customer Acquisition


Hot on the heels of Oracle’s announcement that the Oracle Marketing Cloud now delivers the largest marketing technology ecosystem, Integrate and Oracle partner to power customer acquisition. Integrate’s workflow automation, data governance and systems integrations software was designed specifically to enhance marketing automation performance.

How Marketers Can Yield Big Results Without High Tech


Marketers often act a bit too strategically and lean on the substantial technology investments every organization is, or should, be making. Too much big-picture thinking has resulted in inaction. There are a few little, tactical tricks we can implement to increase our data quality, lead velocity and generate real business value.

Modern Marketing Tips from the Wizard of Moz

Rand Fishkin, The Wizard of Moz

With MozCon bringing together the digital community next week in Seattle, it’s a good time to get the scoop on the latest and hottest trends in Digital Marketing directly from the Wizard of Moz himself, Rand Fishkin. We had an opportunity to interview Rand leading up to the “not your typical marketing conference” and capture his insights in this always surprising and informative gathering of digital marketers.


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