Meet the Chief Markitecht?

Bala Kudaravalli

With always-on, empowered customers and the rapid pace of business, understanding and strategically using technology across your marketing and communications efforts is more essential than ever. Out of this new world a critical role is emerging to help bridge the gap and bring marketing and IT disciplines together. Whether you call these new leaders a “marketing technologist” or some other title, it is important to understand how they are affecting modern marketing organizations.

What Can Dr. Oz Teach Us About MarTech?

Dr. Oz

Many marketing organizations spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on implementations of new technology to funnel and measure leads. But one thing few marketers do (or do well) is control what they put into those systems. Discover a three=pronged approach to increase your data quality and improve marketing ROI.

Are You a Mighty Duck or a Modern Marketer?

Mighty Duck or Modern Marketer

Many marketing departments continue to use decades-old processes in an effort to acquire customers, but they’re no longer competing against amateurs. Modern marketers must adopt new strategies and tactics that are tailored to achieving success in the post-digital marketing era. Learn how to leverage marketing tech to get back in the game and win new customers.

The MarTech Revolution: Why You Must Adapt

Join the revolution

Technology has always been a driver of substantial change. Irrigation tools and techniques caused the Agricultural Revolution in the Fertile Crescent, navigational instruments and innovative accounting techniques spurred the Commercial Revolution that laid the foundation for the world economy, and machine tools and interchangeable parts powered the Industrial Revolution, bringing us into the modern era. These […]

Aligning MarTech and Marketing Ops — An Interview With Gary Katz


I recently interviewed Gary Katz, Founder and Chairman of Marketing Operation Partners, for research I’m conducting on the challenges and opportunities regarding the simultaneous growth of marketing tech and the Marketing Ops role. What resulted was a 52-minute conversation of great value. Here, I have provided a short, yet very insightful part of that conversation. […]

Why Marketing Must Close The Loop – Get The Whitepaper


Considering the advancement in technology and processes over the previous decades, it’s difficult to understand why so many marketing processes remain archaic, specifically regarding the ways we manually access and leverage the data we spend billions of dollars producing. Marketers annually invest billions of dollars in both marketing technology and owned media in an attempt […]

How to Select the Best Marketing Ops Tools for Your Business


We have shared a great deal of learnings about the importance of “Creating a MarTech Blueprint” to guide your technology investment and integration decisions. And, we have outlined successful formulas for adoption such as “Crawl, Walk, Run.” Today’s post is from Mary Wallace, a Marketing Ops leader who outlines how to identify the best tools […]

Platform Wars: Episode 3 — The Integrate Perspective

Episode 3_The Integrate Perspective

This is the final of three installments discussing the “Suite vs. Open Platform” debate. Here we share the Integrate Perspective and three factors marketers must consider when evaluating whether an all-in-one marketing suite or open platform will best meet their organization’s marketing needs.

Marketing Call To Action: Rid Pollution From Your Pipeline

Dirty data

Virtually all marketers struggle with inaccurate prospect data, slow lead velocity or insufficient information to ensure proper targeting. Learn how to rid your sales pipeline of polluted data to overcome these marketing challenges.

Making Your Marketing Frankenstack Work Via Integrations


Whether you are pursuing an open platform or the elusive all-in-one marketing suite as your marketing tech solution, the need — right now — to connect and integrate your systems at the most basic levels is absolutely essential to obtaining the data you need to get your job done. The good news is despite the […]


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