Marketing Ops: Why TOFU Matters to You Now More Than Ever

By Scott Vaughan

June 14, 2016

The rise of the marketing operations (MOPs) profession has driven efficiency, new capabilities and a much more analytical and process-driven approach to marketing. MOPs’ biggest area of impact has been the enablement of demand generation and customer acquisition.

To date, MOPs has primarily focused on what happens inside the organization. This includes the deployment and optimization of core marketing platforms such as the organization’s web site, marketing automation (MA) and CRM systems, as well as any analytics tools. MOPs is responsible for ensuring all these internal systems are applied and integrated to provide maximal efficiency, data insights and overall value to the business. Such requirements are pretty well understood by this point (there’s always room for improvement, of course).

But what about all the interactions, data and effort happening outside the organization, where discovering and engaging new prospects is essential to creating new customers?  

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The Mobile Imperative For Marketing Ops

By William Anthony

If there’s any remaining doubt about how mobile phones have permeated our lives, pay close attention the next time you’re in a public restroom – airport, shopping mall, sports arena – and note the individuals using their phones to text, email or talk.

Don’t worry: this conversation isn’t headed for the toilet and it won’t be a rant against non-stop mobile phone usage. Instead, I’m going to suggest ways marketers should capitalize on the remarkable extent of mobile usage.

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Advice for Demand Marketers: How to Avoid the Black Hole of MQLs

By Kate Athmer

Sales wants qualified leads. Now. With velocity, ready to buy, and at their target accounts. You already invested in marketing automation (which someone else probably stuffed full of crappy data) and dabbled in some paid efforts. Now you’re exploring Predictive and Account-based Marketing… but HOLD ON. Whatever happened to all those leads you already generated and qualified?

As a demand marketer, it’s tempting to wash your hands of the lead once it reaches Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). But too often Sales reaches out a few times, then moves on when a lead is unresponsive. They aren’t going to nicely hand that lead back to marketing – they will just move on.

And the lead will disappear into “the black hole of MQLs”.

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5 Questions with a Marketing Ops Geek

By David Crane

October 22, 2015

First of all, I don’t think Tom Kahana, Director of Marketing Operations at Imprivata, is a geek in any way. In fact, while very experienced, well-informed and enthusiastic about all things MarOps, he’s actually quite affable.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I’m far more of a geek than he...but he calls himself a marketing ops geek at the end of this interview, and I needed a catchy title. So there it is.

Tom has over 15 years of marketing experience in the technology space. And for the past six years, he’s been in the thick of marketing operations’ rapid evolution. Which is why I reached out to him, on numerous occasions, for expert insights – and that inevitably led to this interview and hopefully much more content to come.

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Marketing Operations – A Skill Game [Infographic]

By David Crane

October 8, 2015

Over the last year, we’ve interviewed a lot of marketing operations practitioners. Those that come to mind quickest include Leslie Cocco Alore of Iron Mountain, Gary Katz of Marketing Operations Partners, Tom Kahana of Imprivata and Jennifer Clegg of CA Technologies.

These numerous conversations highlighted the most common, daunting pain points (pun slightly intended) that MarOps pros face on a daily basis. And more importantly, they inspired me to rip off the creative genius of everyone’s favorite 1960s board game: Operation.

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Marketing Ops' Next Frontier [New eBook]

By David Crane

I’ve been working on this “Marketing Operations’ Next Frontier” ebook a while…probably too long if you ask some of my colleagues. And while it’s quite comprehensive and covers several topics, it’s not as complete as I originally envisioned.

But this is good news for all you “hopefully will-be” readers, because if I’d kept to my original plan, it would’ve amounted to about 60 pages. And nobody wants that.

Instead, this ebook is a concise 22 pages and will serve as the foundation for an in-progress Marketing Ops “playbook.” There will be many more marketing ops resources to come in the following months.

Here’s a snapshot of which Marketing Operations Playbook works on the horizon:

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Closed-Loop Marketing: Where Demand Gen Is Falling Short

By David Crane

Marketers today are constantly hustling to ensure prospective and existing customers get the info they need when they need it. This is incredibly difficult if customer-facing roles (demand generation, brand management, product marketing, etc.) can’t access the performance data (often enabled by marketing ops) that highlights specific persona needs.

Herein lies the value of a closed marketing loop – it shows marketers:

  • which marketing content is resonating with personas
  • through which channels your personas are most likely to engage
  • which media sources have audiences matching your personas
  • the combination of demand generation tactics that provides maximal ROI
  • where to allocate media and content marketing budget 
  • which demand generation efforts are failing and which are succeeding

…the list of benefits is extensive. But most marketing organizations are falling short due to operational roadblocks that prevent data from being shared between various marketing roles and the media partners that need it.

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Lead Velocity: Why It Matters, What to Measure & How to Boost

By David Crane

Lead (or data) velocity is a marketing metric that’s quickly gaining popularity among Marketing Ops and Demand Gen practitioners. And it’s understandable why. Lead velocity is a gauge of several fundamental marketing objectives: sales-marketing alignment, customer experience and marketing-attributed revenue.

We’ll get into much more specific definitions and how to measure velocity later in this post.  At a high level, lead velocity is about speed (e.g., the time it takes for a generated contact to become sales-qualified lead) and conversions rates (the percentage of leads that convert through various points in the customer acquisition funnel).

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An Oracle Eloqua App Demand Gen AND Marketing Ops Can Agree On

By David Crane

So, we’re releasing a new Integrate app today for Oracle Eloqua users.

Now, I typically wouldn’t make a big deal out of this – after all, apps in this space (or any space for that matter) are a dime a thousand – but this app is pretty awesome. And anyone who knows me is fully aware of my distain for hyperbole.

Why so awesome?

Simply put, because it makes closing the loop (numerous loops, actually) on your third-party demand generation programs as easy as dragging an icon into place on your Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

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How To Help Marketing Ops and Demand Generation Work Well Together

By Justin Eisner

February 20, 2015

Whether it’s about IT and Marketing (namely the CIO and the CMO) or growing dissent between Sales and Marketing, everywhere you turn seems to be another piece of content trying to shed a light on changing dynamics and the need for alignment.

I’m not taking away from the value of such conversations, they’re obviously important. Yet, such interdepartmental emphasis distracts from intra-marketing alignment issues, a problem of that grows day by day.

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