Five9 Builds a Better Demand Generation Engine [Customer Story]

Five9CS_Thumbnail_v0.1-1To Five9’s Demand Marketing team, customer experience comes first. And the team ensures great experiences through an innovative mix of persona segmentation, content development and one of the most advanced marketing technology stacks I’ve seen.

All of which are strategically designed to obtain accurate and actionable data used to deliver relevant messages that impact the organization.

According to Doug Sechrist, Five9 Vice President of Demand Marketing:

“Our primary emphasis is on providing a great customer experience, and in the demand marketing machine we’re building, filling the pipeline with quality prospect data is the first step toward building these customer relationships. That’s where Integrate fits in.”

Click here to read the full Five9 customer story.

Letitiaquote2Focused on continually increasing marketing’s business value, Doug and Five9’s Senior Director of Demand Marketing, Letitia Rodley, identified two primary areas of opportunity:

  1. Improving the quality of prospect data to increase the volume and value of pipeline opportunities

  2. Automating demand generation and marketing ops processes to better focus on strategic goals that create more marketing-attributed business value

Read the customer story to see how adopting Integrate’s outbound demand generation platform has enabled Five9 to improve prospect data quality, improve pipeline value, and save the team over eight hours per week.



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