TIBCO Breathes New Life Into Demand Generation [Customer Story]

TIBCO_customer_storyConversations with customers are one of the most rewarding parts of my job – I always come away with new, insightful information. That’s not to say that feedback is always good news; there have been plenty of times that customer-provided constructive criticism has fallen on me like a grand piano, but even that’s useful because it provides new challenges on which to focus my efforts.

What’s even better, however, is when you come away from customer talks with new knowledge about how your product provided solutions you didn’t even know it was capable of. Information is always a good thing, but accolades for a newly discovered strength is an awesome thing. The latter is what we gained from a recent discussion with Kenan Frager, TIBCO’s head of advertising for worldwide demand generation.

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The conversation with Kenan certainly highlighted the typical values of the Integrate platform: increased data quality, accelerated lead velocity via systems integrations and a more holistic view of media campaigns. What Kenan felt is the biggest benefit, though, was the way in which the platform accelerated the contracting process with lead-generating media providers.

Before adopting Integrate’s demand generation software, for six weeks of every quarter TIBCO’s demand gen team was mired in lead vendor contracting processes (due to legal and purchasing department requirements). That meant nearly half a quarter would pass between campaign initiation and time of first delivered lead. Such a delay drastically hindered the team’s ability to optimize campaign tactics to improve performance. According to Kenan Frager:

“It used to take 5-6 weeks on average to launch a campaign and begin generating leads. We had almost no runway to get leads, analyze them, compare publishers and optimize performance – I felt locked in.”

Moreover, these constricting processes often forced TIBCO to use only a single media partner per campaign, allowing very little leverage to optimize lead prices and lead parameters. As Frager put it: “We often had to take what we could get.”

Adopting Integrate’s platform eliminated the need for extensive legal and purchasing department review, drastically reducing the contracting process:

“I can contact a publisher and have assets in market within 24 to 48 hours. It’s game changing.” –Kenan Frager

With time now on its side, the TIBCO team can implement A/B testing to continuously learn and experiment with new tactics to boost conversion rates and create happy customers.



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