Marketing-Sales Alignment: Real-World Lessons


How Emerging Tech Provider Tintri is Transforming Marketing from Demand Gen to Revenue Gen Marketing and Sales Alignment. Stick a needle in my eye, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. CEOs and Boards of Directors rank driving and measuring revenue contribution as the No. 1 marketing priority, according to the Corporate Executive Board. Without working in unison […]

How to Efficiently Assess MarTech Business Value Alignment

martech business value alignment

Have you invested in a MarTech solution or tech vendor that sucked your team’s time, budget or resources? Scott Vaughan shares a five-step approach that marketing practitioners and martech vendors can apply to ensure Business Value Alignment (BVA) before closing the deal on the next piece of tech.

4 Must-Read MarTech Blog Posts of 2014


Ending the inaugural MarTech Conference, I felt this would be a perfect time to provide a completely subjective list of the year’s most important marketing technology-focused blog posts. Ironically, this list is in no way based on content performance, traffic volume, social influence, or any other metric that one may have used to support the logic […]

What Are The 5 Most Essential Skills for Marketing Ops?

marketing ops integrator

Marketing Ops has become the nerve center for today’s modern marketing organization. It’s no surprise that Marketing Ops pros are in-demand and sought-after by CMOs to operationalize marketing, automate processes, standardize data and measure everything. This is an ideal time for Marketing Ops – marketing, tech, data and program management – types who are accelerating, […]

The State of MarTech: An Interview with Scott Brinker


The inaugural MarTech Conference begins Tuesday. And it’s sold out. So, being the altruists that we are, we’ve decided to siphon some insights from the conference’s program chair, Scott Brinker, out to all of you who were unable to register. You can follow the conversations @MarTechConf and @Integrate. You started the chiefmartec blog in 2008. […]

A Segmented Approach to Measuring Content Marketing Success

content marketing metrics

Many companies struggle to measure content marketing. Unlike other marketing activities, there’s not a single set of definitive metrics. This is due largely in part to the variety of outcomes content marketing is expected to deliver. According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 benchmark report, B2B content marketers named their top goals as brand awareness, lead […]

Data-Savvy Marketers: How To Break Down A Last Remaining Silo


Old-school marketers were organized in distinct camps: creative types who drove messaging and sales collateral, and analytics and tech pros who used data to manage and analyze programs. While many marketing organizations continue to maintain silos for these and other functions, the days of narrowly defined marketing roles are numbered. Customers don’t consume information in […]

Math Can Lie, Cheat and Steal: Good Programs and Bad Outcomes

spreadsheets and data

Disclaimer: I’m conflicted when it comes to giving fellow marketing people advice. On one hand, it feeds my ego. On the other hand, we all compete with each other and frankly my company pays me for IP and execution — not to share good IP.  But, I love demand gen, the challenges and complexity it […]

What Goldilocks Taught Us About Closed-Loop Marketing


Marketing has a clear mandate to prove ROI; we’ve heard this time and time again. Similarly, we’re now hearing the mantra “closing the loop” as the main way to validate our marketing spend and optimize it for future campaigns. Far too much gets written on the “Why,” yet the “How” is rarely addressed. Closing the […]

Offline Data is the New Black

offline data

One of the things I love most about the marketing tech industry is its rapid evolution — new solutions create new opportunities, which result in innovation that circles back to new solutions. What’s more, I’m lucky enough to have a job that’s almost entirely focused on observing this evolution in order to benefit customers. During […]


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