Call It A Comeback: Outbound Takes On Inbound Marketing

By David Crane

May 21, 2015

“It’s a bit naïve to think that all your potential customers will come knocking at your door.”

The problem: Due to the emphasis on inbound marketing that has pervaded the discipline over the last several years, technological innovation has focused on bringing efficiency and new capabilities to inbound, while outbound marketing has remained stagnant. …but outbound is on the comeback trail.

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What Media Companies Need From MarTech

By David Walsh

May 19, 2015

These days, marketing technology is all but synonymous with marketing itself. And much of this discourse has been focusing in greater degree on the convergence of martech with its less-respected sibling, ad-tech.

Yet, only somewhat surprisingly, very few of these discussions address how media companies can leverage marketing technology to better serve both their marketing clients and their business.

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How to Learn Demand Generation

By Josh Hill

May 14, 2015

There is no school or class that teaches you demand generation

I hadn't heard of demand generation before I became a field marketer and certainly hadn't heard of it while in business school. While we did learn tools like Lifetime Value and associated sales funnel dynamics, no one discussed how that funnel works in real life.

So how did I learn demand generation? How can you learn demand generation?

Are you preparing for graduation and want to be a marketer? Are you thinking of switching from sales to marketing? Perhaps you are already a Product Marketing Manager and think you can do a great job driving leads to your sales team? 

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The Road to Push-Button Demand Marketing

By Scott Vaughan

May 12, 2015

You put $10,000 of demand gen fuel into your newly designed demand marketing engine and out pops $100,000 worth of new revenue.  Sweet!

Many marketing teams have built and are using these lead-to-revenue models. Now you need to scale these efforts and deliver $3 million in revenue by the end of the quarter.  Will the same formula work?

So you connect your MarTech “stack” (your company’s systems, process and data) to the Internet, and this engine kicks into another gear. Programmatic hyper-targeted ads, search key words, content personalization, message retargeting, and first- and third-party data mashup yields a big data bonanza. Pure inbound “cloud” heaven.   

What happens when your inbound marketing machine runs out of gas and you need to go outside your website-produced leads to generate demand? You turn to third-party sources, events and media partners to help drive the additional inquiries and leads required to hit your revenue goals. Woops, not so automated, yet.

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6 Useful Marketing Automation Infographics

By Triniti Burton

Marketers are striving to master the art of visual storytelling in an effort to attract prospects and engage audiences. Infographics often become the preferred medium to communicate significant amounts of data or a plethora of information that would otherwise run the risk of falling flat if delivered as text on a page.

Given the thousands of marketing infographics available today, I set out to compile a list of those specific to marketing automation that provide useful information for marketing automation users, teams considering implementing a marketing automation platform and marketers (like myself) striving to understand and engage these same people.

Here is a list of my findings. I hope you find them to be helpful.
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Know Thy Source – How to Identify Qualified Fulfillment Partners

By Triniti Burton

Given marketers’ hyper-focus on capturing ever-increasing volumes of quality leads and acquiring customers that will yield the highest lifetime value, it’s not uncommon to leverage third parties (media partners, publishers, affiliate networks, etc.) in order to scale programs. The biggest challenge in this world of paid demand gen is identifying qualified fulfillment sources. The risk involved often causes organizations to stick with a small handful of tested and true publishers. While this seems like a safe strategy, it drastically hampers the ability to reach large volumes of new prospects.

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What's Holding You Back From Marketing Automation Success? [Interview]

By David Crane

As we work to understand the opportunities and challenges facing marketing automation users today, it’s important to pick the brains of experts who have honed their core competency in implementing marketing automation strategies. It's for this reason I sat down to interview John Muehling. John is Sr. Director, Client Services at Digital Pi and formerly the VP of Marketing for VIRGO Publishing (now Informa Exhibitions). He has worked with recognizable name brands, such as Beechcraft, Cessna, Swift Transportation and Blue Shield of California to help them implement and make more effective use of Marketo, Pardot and Salesforce.

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How Eloqua Users Can Drive Revenue & Improve Customer Experience

By Triniti Burton

Earlier this month, I joined a few thousand other marketers at Oracle Modern Marketing Experience. Kevin Akeroyd's keynote aptly captured the challenge that lays before today’s marketers: the dichotomy of Wall St. vs. Main St. While marketers are getting revenue focused and becomingly responsible for contributing more to sales pipeline with each passing quarter, they are simultaneously charged with delivering ever better customer experiences – in part to accomplish this end result.

Oracle Marketing Cloud customers have built best-in-class marketing tech stacks aimed at nurturing prospects and creating customers. When you combine the power of the Oracle Eloqua marketing automation platform with innovative advancements such as the recently released Oracle ID Graph that connects user data from various channels and devices into a single identity – great experiences are possible. But there is still a vast disconnect in the marketing lifecycle. These systems used to engage prospects at nearly every stage of the customer journey are completely separate from the processes marketers must rely on to identify new prospects in the first place. This lack of a seamless experience at the source of origination is a sure-fire recipe to negatively impact customer experience.

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3 Things B2C Marketers Can Learn From B2B Demand Gen

By David Crane

I know…the title seems a bit condescending to B2C marketers, but I assure you it wasn’t meant that way. There’s many reasons why it’s only “3 Things…” rather than “15 Things…”

One of those reasons is that, historically, B2C has been way ahead of B2B when it comes to tech, innovative marketing strategies, and the now proverbial data-driveness. Yet, resting on laurels is never a good idea, so after conversing a with a few B2C experts, here are the three main themes I gathered:

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[New Guide] How to Supply and Scale Your Marketo Demand Factory

By David Crane

You’ve invested in Marketo as the hub of your customer engagement ecosystem – your Demand Factory (a clever term coined by David Lewis of DemandGen). It’s incredibly sophisticated. Between its ability to score leads, progressively profile prospects, and seamlessly integrate a fleet of supporting marketing tech solutions, it’s more difficult to think of what it can’t do than what it can.

But no matter how you use Marketo and the rest of your tech stack, this all-powerful demand factory won’t produce much if you can’t get enough raw material: the unqualified leads, the prospect data.

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