[Infographic] Third-Party Demand Gen Plays

By David Crane

March 27, 2015
With March Madness Sweet Sixteen games underway, we thought this would be a perfect time to exploit our target personas’ collegiate sports enthusiasm.

The new Integrate infographic uses thinly veiled, yet hopefully informational basketball metaphors to illustrate the benefits of automating third-party demand gen efforts.  


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Getting the Most Out of Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2015

By Mary Wallace

Modern Marketers are the new breed of pros hell-bent on mastering the art and science of marketing. These are the marketers that have jumped in with both feet embodying the Internet-inspired revolution of the customer being in the driver’s seat; they have committed to becoming marketing technology experts. At the core, they:

  • Are data-driven

  • Understand with specificity the components of their marketing mix that are driving meaningful interactions along specific stages of the customer journey

  • Customize messages to a highly targeted audience, across multiple devices and channels, over a specific period of time

These are the marketers set to converge in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 2 at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience 2015 (#MME2015).  And, it is not by chance that the term “modern marketer” was popularized by the Eloqua team (now part of Oracle).

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Can Marketing Be a True Revenue Forecasting Machine? [Interview]

By David Crane

I had a great conversation the other week with Justin Gray, CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist of LeadMD – a marketing consulting firm that helps Marketo and Salesforce customers increase the effectiveness of their tech investments and marketing operations.

This conversation led to a topic that I find very interesting, but seldom gets much attention: The extent to which marketing can be an actual revenue forecasting entity. Sure, we all glibly talk like it can and will, but it still seems a long way off and few people are discussing the specific challenges impeding this goal. But we’ll never conquer these obstacles unless we fully understand them. Justin clearly had no problem talking about the challenges to marketing’s quest to become a revenue forecaster, so I invited him to share his perspective in an interview.

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Illustrating and Analyzing Your Marketing Architecture

By David Crane

March 24, 2015

The marketing technology landscape is crowded. And the proliferation of martech solutions isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, Scott Brinker’s annual Marketing Tech Landscape Supergraphic grew by 98% to 1,876 vendors between 2014 and 2015.

While the explosion of marketing solutions presents vast opportunities for marketers, identifying the right martech investments has become a daunting process.

Solution identification became a bit easier a couple weeks ago when Heinz marketing published the Marketing Tech Landscape Directory (an Excel spreadsheet of all supergraphic vendors) to enable easy vendor sorting and tracking via 43 categories and subcategories. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend downloading it.

Today, Integrate is releasing another resource to further enable marketers to make informed technology decisions: The Marketing Tech Blueprint Workbook.

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Marketing Tech Reality Check

By Triniti Burton

In less than two weeks, thousands of fellow marketers and I will head off to San Francisco and Vegas for MarTech Conference and Oracle Modern Marketing Experience, followed by Marketo Marketing Nation Summit just two weeks later. We’ll submerse ourselves in the experience of the most innovative and advanced aspects of marketing today. Keynote speakers will inspire and session presenters aim to impress. Marketers will share stories of grand accomplishments using innovative technologies.

It might be easy to walk away with the feeling that all of marketing is connected, automated…a smooth running machine. That our decisions are always predictive and our data always accurate. But don’t be fooled. This movement towards automation is very much a journey… one on which many of us have made some progress and a few have taken great strides.

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Communications: It Does a Marketing Career Good

By Scott Vaughan

March 17, 2015

This Part 3 of a 4-part blog series highlighting key skills to advance your marketing career.

In this series’ previous two blogs, I’ve explained the importance of embracing marketing technology and utilizing customer insights to build a successful modern marketing career.

Building on those two disciplines, the next marketing career building block is communications. In this context, communications is two-way – listening for insights and the ability to package and deliver value, inspiring or motivating people and communities to take action.  This must occur first and foremost with your prospects and customers through the diverse channels they frequent.  And, in today’s social media-driven world, this also means communicating with influencers and stakeholders that your constituencies trust and value.  

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Why Demand Gen Marketers Need To Automate Media Partner Management

By David Crane

We marketers are incredibly diligent about refining prospect data once it’s inside our marketing systems. Lead nurturing, scoring and predictive analytics tools have turned us into physicists with our data. And we continually strive toward that perfect equation to build stronger customer relationships.

However, we all too often cast a blind eye to the disorderly and sluggish processes by which we manage numerous media partners to acquire the all-important prospect data used to fuel our demand gen engines.

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Customer Knowledge Is Power For Your Marketing Career

By Scott Vaughan

March 10, 2015

This is Part 2 of a 4-part series dedicated to the critical requirements of a successful marketing career in 2015. You can see part 1 on marketing tech here.

I’d like to pose two questions to my marketing colleagues

     1. How important do you believe customer knowledge is to your marketing success?

     2. How often do you meet or talk with your prospects and customers?

My guess is that most marketers said “very important” to question #1, and “not often, if at all,” to question #2. This incongruence is not unusual for most marketers.

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Five9 Builds a Better Demand Engine [Customer Story]

By David Crane

To Five9’s Demand Marketing team, customer experience comes first. And the team ensures great experiences through an innovative mix of persona segmentation, content development and one of the most advanced marketing technology stacks I’ve seen.

All of which are strategically designed to obtain accurate and actionable data used to deliver relevant messages that impact the organization.

According to Doug Sechrist, Five9 Vice President of Demand Marketing:

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Optimizing a Career with Marketing Technology

By Mary Wallace

March 03, 2015

Not long ago, marketing was about the 4 Ps (product, price, place and promotion). It wasn’t about educating and engaging customers like it is today.  The change in marketing’s roles and responsibilities was led by the Internet – which shifted knowledge and power to the customer – and is now being propelled by marketing technology. 

Marketing capabilities are leading to specialization

Evolution is happening faster than ever, requiring more and more specialization.  That specialization is vital to a thriving marketing career. This is especially true for technical marketers who are responsible for the systems and data that power customer engagement.

They require a deep knowledge of how systems work and communicate with each other, and must understand the ways data should be stored to provide maximum accessibility and flexibility for use (e.g., analytics and segmentation). Additionally, they must have the skills to customize tech solutions and interpret the resulting data.

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