Insights from #MarTechChat on Dirty Data

2/26/15 8:44 AM

by David Crane

I think it’s safe to say the second MarTech Tweet Chat was a success.

All in all, this particular #MarTechChat – focusing on the importance of prospect data quality and the prevention of dirty data – has generated 349 tweets that reached over 200K people and resulted in over 3.4M timeline impressions. 

While this is terrific, I’m still going to complain…because I’m the lucky individual who had the privilege of diving into all those tweets to glean the conversation’s big insights – and there were many. 

So, Matt Heinz, to answer the question you posed to me the other day: Yes, you did in fact add work to my plate. But it’s welcomed work, which definitely paid off with the following learnings:

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Getting Inside The Mind of Sales: Why It Matters to Marketers and How to Do It

2/24/15 9:20 AM

by Kyle Gale

Before assuming my current role at Integrate (sales and marketing ops), my career focused strictly on sales and sales management. My journey to ops was a slow evolution, during which I witnessed and learned greatly from the many struggles that typically characterize the sales-marketing relationship: miscommunication, systems limitations, misaligned objectives, and most importantly, inaccurate perceptions of the other side. Without the multi-disciplinary knowledge I’ve acquired, I couldn’t do my job effectively, nor could many of the marketing execs and CMOs who have towed both sales and marketing lines during their careers.

Sales’ perspective of marketing – the worst case scenario 

During my time in sales at several companies, I heard mentions of marketing teams, but I was never quite sure what they did. A common, almost rhetorical question often thrown around between sales reps was, “What is it that marketing does?” …as if to imply that they sat around all day doing nothing except maybe trying to come up with a catchy tagline.

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3 Steps To Solve Demand Gen and Marketing Ops Misalignment

2/20/15 10:27 AM

by Justin Eisner

Whether it’s about IT and marketing (namely the CIO and the CMO) or growing dissent between sales and marketing, everywhere you turn seems to be another piece of content trying to shed a light on changing dynamics and the need for alignment.

I’m not disparaging such conversations, they’re obviously important. Yet, such interdepartmental emphasis distracts from intra-marketing alignment issues, a problem of that grows day by day.

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How Automation Impacts Marketing Career Growth

2/17/15 6:34 AM

by Scott Vaughan

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series dedicated to discussing today's critical elements of a successful marketing career. 

The calendar year’s first quarter is an ideal time to update your career objectives and evaluate whether your current role and scope of responsibilities places you on a growth path.

As you consider your career outlook, I want to share insights I’ve collected over the past six months from B2B and B2C marketers – particularly our customer base – and recommend steps you can take to position yourself for success. 

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Numbers, Egos, Therapy: Keys to Ops + Demand Gen Alignment

2/12/15 6:36 AM

by David Crane

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been surveying a few marketing experts to gain feedback on what we’re seeing as a growing issue within marketing; namely, misalignment between demand generation and marketing operations teams. This is seemingly the result of marketing’s expansion in responsibility and size, which in turn causes intradepartmental siloes to form (in bigger companies), each with their own goals, duties, terminology, perspective, needs, etc.

The feedback we received will be used in a number or projects – an upcoming blog post dedicated to the topic of alignment as well as an ebook tentatively titled “Modern Marketing Ops: From Challenges to Opportunity.” However, I felt the insight we received from Scott Fingerhut, VP of Global Demand Generation at Elasticsearch, deserved to be highlighted in its own post. Scott has vast experience on both sides of this matter, but here he focuses more on the marketing ops perspective.

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Airing Out Dirty Data [TweetChat Session]

2/10/15 5:47 AM

by David Crane

The value of marketing tech is only as good as the data it processes. No one wants to be responsible for undermining hundreds of thousands of dollars in software investments by allowing their systems to be mired in bad data. But that’s exactly what’s happening.

Most efforts to undue database contamination are cosmetic solutions to symptoms of a larger issue: the inaccurate and incomplete prospect data that we pump into our marketing systems and sales pipeline.

The importance of clean, complete and accurate prospect data isn’t new — but neither is it typically obtained to the standards marketers and their systems require (see Integrate’s recent research report, Prospect Data Quality Index).

It’s time we reject complacency and give our technology and teams the quality data they need.

Join us on February 19th for a 30-minute TweetChat featuring an all-star list of marketing influencers and practitioners sharing their ideas, learnings and advice for marketing’s path to accurate and actionable data.

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[eBook] Guide to Prospect Data Quality

2/3/15 8:55 AM

by David Crane

Today, we’ve released an ebook, “Guide to Prospect Data Quality,” to help marketing operations and demand gen professionals identify and solve growing problems resulting from poor-quality prospect data.

The ebook provides detailed guidance on ensuring your prospect data quality is accurate, complete and actionable BEFORE injecting it into your marketing systems or passing on to sales for follow-up. It also provides an analysis of more than 775K B2B leads and data governance insights from companies such as DocuSign and TIBCO.

You can download the ebook here.

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[Infographic] Causes and Consequences of Dirty Data

1/28/15 5:29 PM

by David Crane

Integrate recently examined more than 775K leads to answer the question: WHY exactly are marketers and sales teams so frustrated with their lead quality? The result was our first research index: Prospect Data Quality – B2B Tech Industry.

Though stat-filled indices are great, stat-filled infographics are better (statistically speaking) – which is why we created the following…

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Prospect Data Quality by the Numbers [Research Report]

1/27/15 6:06 AM

by David Crane

Marketers are recognizing more than ever the need to improve lead quality. In fact, we’ve seen survey after survey (Salesforce,[1]  ANNUITUS,[2] Asscend2[3]) that clearly highlight deep frustration among marketers regarding the quality of their prospect data and how improving lead quality is a No.1 priority.

We haven’t, however, seen much analysis of the prospect data itself. Questions are left unanswered:

  • To what extent is prospect data inaccurate?

  • Where do the biggest quality issues lie?

  • Is this an SMB concern or just an enterprise issue?

At Integrate, we recently set out to address real world questions such as these, because recognizing the problem is the first step, but pinpointing the causes is key to finding a solution.

Get Integrate’s Data Quality Index here

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Demand Gen: It’s More than Marketing Automation

1/21/15 7:43 PM

by Scott Vaughan

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), marketing leaders and media executives will invest $39B in media in 2015 and billions more on marketing technology to generate customer demand for their company’s products and services. This investment is driven by the huge mandate for marketers to create a continuous, predictable prospect pipeline that results in loyal customers.

In the marketing technology revolution, “demand gen” is often aligned (almost synonymously) with marketing automation (MA).  This is understandable as MA platforms improve a great number of demand gen processes. As far back as 2008, marketing tech authority David Raab labeled marketing automation as “Demand gen systems for the digital era,” and as MA platform capabilities have evolved, so too has the relationship between demand gen and these systems.  Marketing automation is undoubtedly an integral part of the customer acquisition equation, but its value shouldn’t blind demand gen pros to more recent tech-driven opportunities. 

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