Marketing Standardization: The Must Have for Marketers in 2015

10/23/14 11:25 AM

by Scott Vaughan

Over the last 90 days, I’ve heard “standardization” at least 50 times in sessions with CMOs and marketing leaders as we discuss 2015 planning and budgeting. Standardization – how boring! This is marketing; aren’t we supposed to be creative? And charged with differentiating our brand, products and services?

Yes, we are. However, standardizing data, systems, processes, measurements and expectations frees up the time and resources needed for more creative initiatives. Think of it this way: How much time would you waste if you haphazardly switched between measuring your house in feet, yards and meters in your effort to determine how many gallons of paint you needed? A lot. Because you didn’t select a standard type of measurement or process for measuring. If you had, you probably could’ve automated calculations by inputting a standard data type into a paint volume calculator.

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From the MarTech Experts: Tips for Successful Change Management

10/22/14 7:36 AM

by David Crane

Managing change is the toughest part of any marketing transformation, especially regarding the adoption of new technology. This isn't new news. Yet, the pace of change only seems to be accelerating, and we marketers are prone to neglecting this critical element in our organizations.

Below are excerpts from hand-picked interviews that not only illustrate how important change management is to successfully guiding marketing’s transformation, but also provide insight on how to lead this change effectively. Among these approaches, standardizing goals, communicating needs across departments, and hiring the right people in the right roles seem to be agreed upon as vital efforts in any transformative environment. 

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You Can’t Drive Quality Leads With Inaccurate Data [Whitepaper]

10/16/14 7:00 AM

by Triniti Burton

I’m a little taken aback when I read statistics like the one from Sirius Decisions that 60% of B2B companies report an overall data health of “unreliable”.  But what surprises me more is how few marketing organizations appear to really understand the importance of their data quality.

Ascend2 recently released their Lead Generation Strategy Report which revealed a startling (to me at least) disconnect between how much weight marketing organizations are placing on lead quality and how little on data accuracy.

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Marketing Tech at Dreamforce: A Developing Story

10/15/14 5:13 AM

by David Crane

As we brace ourselves for the inevitable barrage of Dreamforce ’14 “takeaways, “learnings” and “insights” blog posts to hit our inboxes over the next few weeks, I figured it may be helpful to recap some of the biggest marketing tech-related comments about Dreamforces of recent years. After all, it’s difficult to takeaway insightful learnings without context – you gotta have a benchmark.

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Marketing Ops & Tech Summit: Past, Present, Future Of Ops

10/13/14 9:31 AM

by David Crane

Marketing technology has garnered a staggering amount of attention in recent years as startups take advantage of today’s low capital requirements to address the myriad challenges marketers face in the digital, customer-centric marketing era. Tech solutions continue to automate processes and measure outcomes in ways that enhance both the performance of marketing and sales as well as customers’ experience. This has led to numerous tech-focused events such as this week’s Dreamforce ‘14 and the MarTech conference held in August.

What has received less attention, until recently, is the discipline that has evolved to own the strategic use of marketing technology: Marketing Operations. The inaugural Marketing Operations and Technology Summit will be held October 22-24 and aims to address this void. I sat down with the conference’s chair, Gary Katz, to gain a few insights regarding the discipline’s current state as well as a glimpse of what we can expect from the event.

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Maximizing Your CRM’s Value

10/8/14 10:04 PM

by Kyle Gale

With Dreamforce ’14 only 4 Days, 19 Hours, 06 Minutes and 35 seconds away at time of writing, I figured now is a great moment to share a few of my personal learnings regarding ways marketers can squeeze more value out of a CRM. Whether you’re using Salesforce, Sugar, Microsoft Dynamics or some other system, these ideas will help mold your CRM into a technology that will enhance the effectiveness of any department charged with customer-focused goals.

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Stuff that Works: Insights on Creating Customer Pipeline

10/7/14 9:05 AM

by Scott Vaughan

Greg Ness, VP Marketing at cloud app provider CloudVelox, is a proven practitioner of data-driven marketing and a wizard at creating demand and customer pipeline for products and services.  My first work with Greg was at Redline Networks a few business cycles ago.  I’ve seen his work firsthand through engagements at Juniper Networks, Blue Lane Technologies, InfoBlox, and other players in the B2B tech space.

Greg’s relentless focus on marketing outcomes, customer needs and investing in programs that deliver a pipeline of business opportunity was his core mission long before this was marketing’s primary mandate – and before marketers had all the available tools and technology.  I talked with Greg to get his view to contrast “old school” demand gen with today’s modern techniques and see what we could glean from a seasoned pro.

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Pitfalls to Avoid When Migrating A Blog

10/2/14 9:35 AM

by Triniti Burton

The marketing team at Integrate has been creating great blog content for a couple of years now, but over the last year we've been more actively developing this content to help modern marketers overcome their marketing challenges. During this time, we’ve outgrown two different platforms. Recently we decided that we needed more flexibility with our blog to provide a better experience for our visitors and to allow us to integrate our blog content with the rest of our marketing efforts. Once we selected our new tool, we developed a migration plan. (NOTE: This is the third time we’ve migrated our blog. The first two times were completely manual due to incompatible systems. We sacrificed some content and links along the way, so this time I was determined to do it right.) 

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Generate Leads Effectively + Accelerate Sales Pipeline [Infographic]

10/1/14 8:44 AM

by Triniti Burton

Regardless of how much marketing has changed, today’s ultimate business goal remains the same: acquire new customers. The key difference is that marketers are now directly responsible for contributing to that goal. They’re no longer simply influencers creating feel-good messages to promote brand identification (though those types of marketers still serve a purpose). Modern marketers must discover new prospects, fill sales pipeline and drive revenue.

And although CMOs and Marketing Ops are investing in marketing technology and systems to use prospect data in creative new ways and nurture potential customers along the buyer’s journey, the marketers who are responsible for acquiring prospect data in the first place are still relying largely on inefficient manual processes to get that data.

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You’ve Invested in MarTech, Now What?

9/30/14 6:14 AM

by Maureen Beattie

Integrate has published several recent posts on the topic of selecting the right marketing technology for your team:

But making the monetary investment is only half the battle. After you have your new solution in place, you must make another investment in time and energy if you want to reap its full value.

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