Benefits of Tying Media Into Your Marketing Cloud

making media part of your marketing cloud

Today’s marketing leader faces stepped-up pressure to acquire customers through multiple channels, measure interactions with prospects and customers, and demonstrate the revenue impact of their campaigns. That’s a tall order, driving increases in marketing technology spend. But are these marketing tech stacks overlooking a vital component?

Involving Sales via Marketing System Logins: One Approach from a Cynic

Integrate marketing platform login box

The quest for sales and marketing alignment has been a staple topic for years, fodder for anyone blogging about either. Here is one simple solution to break down the barriers between sales and marketing that many organizations are not yet implementing.

The Missing Link: Integrating Media and Prospect Data with Marketing Systems

the missing link between media and marketing

Marketing organizations are aggressively modernizing, automating and adding more digitally centered marketing methods as they focus on their mandate to discover prospects and create new customers. With all of this progress on our the quest to modernize our marketing approach, there is still a critical missing link.

Marketing Acceleration: Automation’s Role In Driving Results Faster

marketing acceleration

The name of the marketing game in 2014 is speed: speed to acquire top-of-funnel leads, speed to engage those leads after initial capture, speed to push them to sales when the time is right, speed to close deals. Bret Smith, Founder and Managing Principal of HiP (High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC) shares some practices HiP uses to increase speed for clients and internal operations.

Brands as Media Companies: The Performance Imperative

marketing content performance

One of the most widely discussed business trends over the past several years is that of brands becoming publishers to develop their own content in support of branding and performance marketing strategies. In fact, 73% of B2B marketers say they are producing more content than they did one year ago. This shift to develop engaging […]

MarTech Success #4: How To Overcome The MarTech Learning Curve

take the wheel and drive

Technology deployment can come with a lot of hurdles that often cause marketers to hesitate. David Crane discusses four common stumbling blocks marketing organizations often face in their quest to implement new technology and five steps to overcoming them.

The Media Partner’s Perspective On Marketing Tech Revolution

Raising Hands

Lately there has been an enormous amount of discussion among marketers (advertisers) about the value of technology. Interestingly, relatively little of that discourse has crossed the table to the media partner/publisher side of the advertising business. The needs of media partners differ greatly from those of marketers. But this doesn’t mean that marketing tech holds no value for publishers. Here are a few pain points that publishers currently deal with and that tech could potentially ameliorate.

Best Practices for MarTech Adoption: Part 2—The Communications Imperative

Tech Adoption Best Practices

One of the most common success factors in martech implementation is communication. Here are a few ways to bolster your internal and external communications so you rally the team and more quickly reap the benefits of your marketing technology.

Today’s CMO #2: Look to IT’s Past to Shape Your MarTech Future

CMO and CIO working together

What CMOs are experiencing now is déjà vu for CIOs who were in the same spot just a few short years ago. CIOs and CMOs have an unprecedented opportunity to work and invest wisely together to advance their businesses in meaningful ways and provide a unique customer experience. As they work together, CIOs and IT pros who lived through the IT revolution can teach CMOs a thing or five.

Best Practices For Tech Adoption: Part 1—The Planning Phase

Best Practices

Best Practices For Tech Adoption: Part 1—The Planning Phase This is part 1 of a 3 part series, in which I will address 4 important steps you can implement during your planning phase to ensure successful tech adoption. You just got a purchase order signed for your shiny new piece of marketing technology. Precise vendor […]


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